Mattermost language support is product dependent


In Mattermost v6.0+, language support differs across products in the suite. Language support parity across the suite is coming in a future release, but currently language support for Channels and Boards are handled separately.

Set your preferred language

Channels language support

To configure Mattermost to display in a supported language, select the gear icon and then Account Settings > Display > Language. This setting applies only to Channels.


Boards language support

From Mattermost v6.0+, select the gear icon in Boards and choose Select language, then select your preferred language from the list.


Playbooks language support

Playbooks is not yet localized into supported languages.

How complete are translations?

You can view the progress of each translation here:

How can I help?

If you're interested in contributing to translations you can:

  1. Signing up for an account on Weblate.
  2. Join the i18n - Localization channel on the Mattermost Community server.
  3. Provide feedback and/or suggestions for strings via Weblate.
  4. For further help and input, some languages even have their own channel on the Community server such as i18n - German / de.
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