How to Use the Mattermost Support Packet Feature (Self-Hosted)


I have an issue with my Mattermost deployment, and I require professional support from Mattermost.


To provide you with the best support, we need some information from you including (but not limited to):

  • The Mattermost Server config 
  • The Mattermost Server log
  • Your Server's operating system
  • Your database system
  • Your installed Mattermost Plugins

While you can collect this information manually, Mattermost Enterprise Edition subscribers for E10 (Professional) or E20 (Enterprise) can generate and download a Support Packet that includes these details.

You can find this option in the System Console by opening the hamburger menu at the top left and selecting Commercial Support.


This feature enables you to download a ZIP file of these details easily, which you can then send to us. Ensure that you configure Mattermost to set output logs to file and set the file log level to DEBUG before generating the ZIP file.

The configuration file that's included does not contain any sensitive information like passwords and database connection strings. However, we recommend that you review the full contents of the file before sending it to us and remove any sensitive information.

Mattermost will handle your information carefully and in conformity with our Privacy Policy.

For more information about the Support Packet, please see the product documentation.

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