Opening Mattermost links in the Desktop App via URI links


Users want to deep link directly to specific locations within their Mattermost instance from external applications or documents. This requires the use of a custom URI scheme that enables seamless navigation.




1. Prerequisites:

Please make sure the Mattermost desktop app is installed on your system. The application must be installed to handle custom URI schemes. Mattermost supports macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu platforms.


2. Understanding the URI Scheme:

The Mattermost desktop application automatically registers a local URI scheme mattermost:// with your browser upon installation. This scheme allows you to create links that open directly in the Mattermost desktop app instead of a web browser.


3. Creating App Links:

To create an app link, prefix your Mattermost instance URL with mattermost://. For example, if you want to link directly to a Mattermost server hosted at, the app link would be mattermost://


4. Using App Links:

You can use these app links anywhere that supports hyperlinking, such as emails, documents, or web pages. Clicking on a app link will open the Mattermost desktop app and navigate directly to the specified location, assuming the app is installed and running.


5. Supported Platforms:

This feature works on macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu, covering the majority of desktop users. Please make sure your Mattermost desktop application is up to date for the best compatibility and performance.

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