How to show full message content in push Notification ?


There are three options available as to what can be included in push notification content:

  • Generic description with only sender name - Includes only the name of the person who sent the message in push notifications, with no information about channel name or message contents.
  • Generic description with sender and channel names - Includes the name of the person who sent the message and the channel it was sent in, but not the message contents.
  • Full message content sent in the notification payload - Includes the message contents in the push notification payload that is relayed through Apple's Push Notification Service (APNS) or Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). It is highly recommended this option only be used with an "https" protocol to encrypt the connection and protect confidential information sent in messages.


To show Full message content :


  1. Browse to the following option: System Console > Under “SITE CONFIGURATION” > Notifications > Push Notification Content and select "Full message content send in the notification payload".full_message_content_sent_in_notification_payload.png
  2. Then Click SAVE.
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