Migrating from Self-hosted Mattermost Instance to Cloud Mattermost Instance

The process to migrate from a self-hosted Mattermost instance to a Mattermost Cloud instance is in development, and this document is subject to change.

Process Overview

An export of your Mattermost instance will need to be performed using the mmctl export command line tool. Once this export is completed, Mattermost Support will engage our Cloud team to create a secure S3 bucket used to upload your export for processing.  An email will come from a member of our Cloud team and the Support ticket will remain open until the process is completed.  

Using mmctl to export your self-hosted instance

You will need to authenticate to your Mattermost instance using mmctl if you are creating the export remotely, or ensure that local mode is enabled and add the --local flag to the following commands if you are running from the Mattermost server.

mmctl export create --attachments

This will create a full export of the server including file attachments. Leave out --attachments if you do not wish to export attached files from your instance. This process can take some time, so mmctl will return immediately, and the job will run in the background on the Mattermost instance until the export is fully created. If successful, the command will immediately output a job ID, like this:

Export process job successfully created, ID: yfrr9ku5i7fjubeshs1ksrknzc

While the job is running, its status can be checked using the ID that was provided when it was created, and when it’s done the output will look similar to this:

$ mmctl export job show yfrr9ku5i7fjubeshs1ksrknzc
  ID: yfrr9ku5i7fjubeshs1ksrknzc
  Status: success
  Created: 2021-11-03 10:44:13 -0500 CDT
  Started: 2021-11-03 10:44:23 -0500 CDT

Once the status is success, you can download the export onto your local machine. First, discover the name of the completed export file with mmctl export list:

$ mmctl export list

This will show all of the exports on the server, so be sure to download the latest one and to delete it when you’re done to save storage. Download the file with a command like the following, but with the filename of the export on your server:

$ mmctl export download r3kcj8yuwbramdt714doafi3oo_export.zip

At this point you will need to contact Mattermost Support and they will move forward with your request.

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