Ticket Priority Guidelines

When submitting tickets to the Mattermost Support Team, we request that you select the appropriate case priority. 

To help you set the appropriate priority, we provide the following guidelines.

Priority Business impact Characteristics
Low/Level 4 Minor - Issue on non-production system or question, comment, feature request, documentation issue or other non-impacting issues. Incorrect product behavior without impact, or product question or enhancement.
Normal/Level 3 Moderate - Issue causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality in a production environment. A small number of users are affected. Some system functions not available, minor performance degradation, a small number of users impacted, the impact is not escalating.
High/Level 2 Major - Issue on a production environment severely impacting business operations. Significant performance degradation, important functionality not available, a small number of users blocked from work, the impact is escalating.
Urgent/Level 1 Critical - Issue on a production system preventing business operations. A large number of users are prevented from working, and no procedural workaround is available. System hangs or crashes, critical functionality not available, data loss or data corruption, a large number of end-users blocked from work. Impact escalating quickly.  
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